Watch – Only in Monaco – A restaurant valet carelessly crashes a $3.5 million LaFerrari in front of his owner.

Via Youtube / @G-E SUPERCARS

I don’t need to remind you how incredibly rare and collectible the Ferrari LaFerrari is, right? Given the fact that it is widely considered as one of the greatest modern automotive creations and only 499 examples of the coupe version were ever built, it’s hardly the hybrid hypercar’s value has shot up by around five times its original price over the last several years. I’m sure if you owned one of them, you’ll not let anybody get too close to it, let alone allow someone else to drive the stunner. I mean modern supercars are nothing like their old-school counterparts and are quite easy to drive and handle, but I simply won’t take the chance. However, a LaFerrari owner from Dubai learned the lesson the hard way when a valet crashed his prized supercar in Monaco.

The incident was captured on video and, as expected, has found its way onto the internet via YouTube. The blue-colored LaFerrari can be seen driving down a busy street. Multiple people can be seen trying to click pictures of the rare Ferrari, while the valet steps outside the hypercar and wait for the owner to arrive. With the hypercar’s V12 engine still burbling, it suddenly rolls ahead and crashes into two scooters parked in front. Although the exact reason for the crash has not been revealed, it looks like the valet forgot to put the LaFerrari on park. The owner immediately comes running to the spot cussing at the valet, but the damage had already been done. Fortunately, it was a low-speed crash and no one was physically hurt in the incident. The extent of damage endured by the limited-production hypercar is also not known. Nevertheless, even the smallest repair job on a LaFerrari is not going to be cheap.

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Via Youtube / @G-E SUPERCARS
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