While being at fault herself, a self-entitled Lamborghini owner shamed the owner of a Honda Civic calling him inferior and jealous for parking too close to her supercar

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People love their cars! Some of them love their cars so much, it becomes the easiest way to settle scores with them. In car news, we posted about a bitter fight between a woman and her husband only last week. The woman angrily rammed her BMW into a Porsche 918 and Ferrari GTC4Lusso worth $3.5 million and wrecked them. Another touchy example of people getting blinded by their love for their supercars is this incident involving a Lamborghini owner. The Lambo driver has drawn the ire of netizens with a social media post that shamed a Honda driver. The woman took a photo of the narrow space between her car and the Honda, making it impossible for her to get into her vehicle. If you think this was to point out the carelessness of the Honda driver, you got it wrong.

Image via Straits Times

The Lambo lady accused the Honda driver of deliberately parking like that because he was “jealous” of her car and said he is “not only poor in finance but also poor in EQ.” You may drive around in a Lamborghini and have all the riches of the world, but this behavior demonstrated the area where the lady was genuinely poor-her manners! Netizens worldwide agree and riled upon how the lady lashed out owing to her superiority complex for possessing a supercar.

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Image via Straits Times

Lambo lady didn’t have any place to hide her face with the netizens on her back as they uncovered her misdoing. They perused the photos carefully and shared a photo from another angle showing her lack of parking skills. It was the pink Lamborghini that is seen parked very close to the left side of the lot. Yet another netizen resurfaced a post from almost a year ago allegedly shared by the same woman where she took a photo of someone else taking a photo of her car.

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Parking spaces can be a common subject of quarrels among many but judging a person on his parking skills based on the fact that they drive a cheaper model is downright disgraceful! As for the rich lady driving a Lamborghini and clearly lacking both parking and common sense, the world is now advanced and has AI-fueled Robot valets to park your cars. Maybe she can also buy this hi-tech valet for her with the pot loads of money she owns.

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