With private jet inspired interiors, this stunning spaceship-styled electric luxury yacht comes with a panoramic rooftop jacuzzi

Italian design studio Lazzarini synonymous with Avant-garde designs, has unveiled what could be called their most futuristic-looking yacht yet. Royal Alpha One is a 65-feet vessel that looks like just the ship one needs for a luxurious cruising experience. With several glass surfaces and flowing lines, it looks fierce and dynamic. This spaceship-style yacht is configured with a private jet-style layout, elegant chairs, and sofas with dining areas. One will find roomy lounge areas on the main deck, while the lower living level houses three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. The designers have also included a kitchen and a cabin for two crew members.

The highlight of this $4 million sleek yacht is the rooftop that holds a panoramic Jacuzzi and a large sunbed. There truly is no better spot onboard to soak in the sun and the surrounding vistas. Unobstructed sea views can also be relished at the rear end. Here a dedicated open space permits guests to marvel at their unique surroundings while setting the more adventurous souls free for a dip into the sea thanks to a retractable swim platform. The well-designed yacht does not restrict the charm of the views even from inside. Owing to large glass surfaces that predominantly make up the carbon-fiber upper structure, people inside can enjoy great views and a sense of openness.

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The Royal Alpha One works on a twin or triple Volvo propulsion system, with an impressive speed range from 33 to 42 knots. On request, the yacht can even be assembled for full electric sailing, powered by hydrogen. As per Lazzarini spokesperson Cinzia Ruggeri, ‘The hull is already printed and available for the construction process, equipped with twin Volvo IPS engines.’

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The Royal Alpha One looks like the mother of the luxurious mini-yacht jet capsule due punto zero (2.0) that carried a hefty sum of $1 million for the hyper jet version, which features a complete dry carbon body.

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