Just like Monaco, the inaugural F1 Miami Grand Prix’s brand new circuit has a picturesque marina with superyachts, white sand, and crystal-clear blue water – the only caveat is it’s completely fake.

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The inaugural Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix is all set to be held on this weekend and the newly constructed American racing circuit has a marina in the middle with parked yachts and gondolas. We finally have an American version of the famed and glamorous Monaco Grand Prix, for crying out loud. The only problem is that it is a makeshift race track constructed on the parking lot of an NFL stadium that’s 10 miles from the coastline. What that means is the picturesque harbor with its white sandy beach and beautiful luxurious boats is all fake. In fact, even the glimmering turquoise blue water is not real, which was jokingly pointed out by Sky Sports’ Craig Slater. You can even see the TV presenter hilariously trying to swim in the fake water. “It’s such a hot day today, I think I might take a jump into the cool… water,” Slater quipped.

Without any surprise, the Miami GP’s fake marina has become the butt of all jokes with F1 fans relentlessly ridiculing the manmade feature, calling it downright embarrassing. The internet has already been inundated by a barrage of memes and it’s only going to get much worse as we get closer to the race weekend. But some fans and experts don’t find the situation funny and have rather been vocal in expressing their anguish by saying the Miami GP feels more like an “F1 trade show” than an actual grand prix.

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Via Twitter / @SkySportsF1

However, on the bright side, several F1 drivers have praised the track’s layout, except Yuki Tsunoda. And it’s not like the organizers didn’t try to construct an F1 track next to the Atlantic ocean. The original idea was to create a circuit in the downtown area and over a bridge to the Port of Miami, but they failed to get the necessary permissions and clearances. The best they could do is replicate the experience. It’s also important to remember that there are people who have paid $38,000 for a four-person “Yacht Club” package. Let’s hope the inaugural Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix is not a disaster, as it may raise questions about the Las Vegas Grand Prix planned for next year.

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