A look inside Air France’s new Business and First Class cabins

With the revamping of their business and first class cabins Air France has reached the top of the charts amongst the European Airlines. The have redesigned all four cabins on the airlines Boeing 777-300 long haul aircraft. La Premiere as it is called is as luxurious and fancy as an aircraft can get. They provide exceptional comfort and service in the air. It is almost like being in a five star hotel up amongst the clouds.

The staff at the La Premiere is exceptionally trained and maintain discretion about their guests. They are trained to record the preferences of their guests as regards to their drink, choice of newspaper and other little details that make the guests realize that the staff has taken the trouble to make their trip comfortable and memorable.

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You need to take a trip aboard this aircraft to experience the luxurious refurbished cabins and the hospitality of the crew.

[Via – Dotw-News]

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