Surprisingly the fancy first class perks are paid for by economy passengers

Something is wrong. It is like the world is getting polarized in the opposite direction. Advancement is making a shift in trajectory and going backwards. When fashion does it, we can understand that it is a cyclic trend setter, but what about the concepts of czarism? The rich is not only getting richer these days but also pampered silly to the extent of snatching the common man’s meal. What is funny is that unlike in the older days where the czars did it themselves, these days like everything else (usually American) even the snatching bit is outsourced – unassumingly though. Like what the airlines are doing off late. They are on a benefit-frenzy, offering the best and most luxurious perks for its First Class and Business Class patrons, while stripping the basic amenities and services to the Economy Class.

This is what is happening, as observed by a keen eye: seats have transferred to match the comforts of a luxurious hotel suite, food offered is Michelin-star gourmet. Pampering has reached a new height with spa treatments on offer, as well as massages. Upgrades are so exclusive it will almost take you out of this world. Prior to this heavenly ride, passengers are also given a warm-up fit for the kings – privileged lounges leaving no stone unturned in offering the best of services and envious airport transfers. And the under dogs? The economy passenger? Well, they get the bones of course. Smaller seats, lesser leg space, doggy bag treats (Statutory warning (lest someone from the industry retaliates): sarcastic assumptions), longer check-in queues, lesser overhead storage capacity (another S.A). So while the dogs reign in style, the cattle class adjusts in the stinky shed. What an unfair world we live. Tsk.

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