While economy gasps for air, first class gets cleaner air in Lufthansa

There is a reason why the most common ambition in mankind is to get rich. Because they only get richer. Because only they get to enjoy all the luxuries that man make that money can buy by a rich man. Be it if you are grounded, or in air. Lufthansa is now offering its premium class guests the chance to breathe cleaner air while 50,000 feet above sea level in midair. The German airline has introduced humidifiers in in the first class of its A380s so that their most valuable customers can breathe fresh air. Other benefits of this installation include improved tastes of food and better chances for deep sleep.

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The importance of being rich is what brings us to the next bit of news update. Apparently, the airline bosses felt that since their premium guests are getting to experience some more pampering, their economy class could perhaps tighten their strings and make some mild sacrifices. Like adjust in their seats so that one more person can squeeze into their row of seats. From the 3-4-3 setting, Lufthansa is adding a 3-5-3 seating.
And this, fellow comrades, is what exemplifies greed. They lure the rich with more benefits by crunching the not-so-rich. More passengers means more money for the airline, which means better facilities for the rich which means better patronage which means everyone wins, all except the poor economy classer. But what would an airline do if their crème-de la crème decided to revolt this terrible discrimination by travelling economy class? Ok, who am I kidding, it’s a rare bite.

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Pity apart, airlines are turning their premium classes into a luxury hotel experience with exquisite features like onboard private suites, spas, culinary extravaganza, gala shopping midair and even entertainment that is out of this world. No pun, folks, only truth. And if you thought only the rich men had all the fun, you are mistaken. Even the rich beasts have all the fun.

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