A marathon for the ultra-rich – This one costs $21,500 per person and comes with butlers, hydrotherapy pools, and Michelin-starred chefs

With an unending fleet of superyachts, purring supercars, and charming charter planes, one wonders if the ultra-rich even tread the Earth, let alone run. I can’t be sure of the walking bit, but it is with butlers, Michelin-starred chefs, hydrotherapy pools, and personalized training plans when the ultra-rich decide to run. The Highland Kings Ultra Marathon in Scotland is precisely that and more. This four-day camping race covers 120 miles on the west coast of Scotland, from Dalness in Glencoe to the Isle of Arran, where competitors will celebrate the feat with a gala dinner with explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

It will cost a single rich person $21,500 and cover expenses like butlers, hydrotherapy pools, speed boats, and Michelin-star chefs, plus a seven-month training plan to bring the moneyed runners in top shape. This will be achieved with help from world champion Jonathan Albon and Anna-Marie Watson, an ex-army dedicated ultra-runner and coach. Race director Rebecca Silva told BBC Scotland, ‘The luxury element makes it very different to other races. It’s aimed at professionals, who can afford it, who want a sense of adventure but want an element of luxury off the beaten track, in the wild and not in the typical places people explore.’

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She doesn’t shy away from calling it the most exclusive, multi-day, luxury ultra-run experience on the planet meant for those that want to ‘race like a warrior but recover like a king.’ According to the organizers Primal Adventures, a luxury-travel company in Scotland, the exclusive race will only have 40 participants required to trek an average of 30 miles a day across the country’s mountainous terrain. The race will be held in April 2022.

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