According to Google, these are 10 of the trendiest destinations of 2019

While planning for your next holiday, you’re most likely to resort to Google for research. And capturing your precious curiosity along with the preferences of its global users is Google Trend’s “Year in Search” functionality which now presents us with a list of the most trending travel destinations of 2019. The data provides us a peek into the travel trends of the year which (in all probability) may follow suit in 2020.

To plan your next travel rendezvous in line with the trends of the season, take a look at Google’s ten most popular travel destinations for 2019 below:

10. Costa Rica: Making it on No. 10 is the land of exotic wildlife- Costa Rica! The biodiverse Central American country is a favorite amongst nature lovers and is slowly gaining traction in the global travel community. It is now home to several new resorts and spas and is thus considered as a more accessible destination compared to what it was a couple of years ago.

9. New York: Another iconic destination for those travelling to the United States is that of New York. The buzzing city is home to the worthy museums and dining experiences and is thus preferred as a holiday wonder by many. Think Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Empire State Building and Central Park. Need we say more?

8. California: Classics hardly go out of style and one such quintessential name in travel is that of California! The Golden State boasts a $140-billion tourism industry which is proof of its growing popularity amongst tourists- both local as well as international. Visit it to get a taste of natural scenes and beaming city-life.

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7. New Orleans: Making it to the list of the most searched destination is the Crescent City a.k.a New Orleans! The destination has evolved in the past decade with new infrastructure, a sparkling new terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and a bevy of fantastic new places to eat and drink added to its list. Its no wonder then that many wish to visit it on their next holiday!

6. Alaska: Offbeat is the name of the game and beating everyone at it is Alaska! The Canadian province has grown in popularity over the years, thanks to its increased cruise ship capacity. The destination is also being favored by those wanting to experience an added chill in the winters, as seen from the rise in tourism here in the cold months.

5. Mexico: While Mexico is famous for tourist crimes in general, there’s hardly been a deterrent for those wanting to visit the place. With great beaches, parties, and a fleet of resorts and more, the destination clocks in at No.5 on the list. It is also continues to be the most popular international destination for Americans to date.

4. Las Vegas: Adventures and Holidays go hand in hand and what could get wilder than a trip to Las Vegas with your bunch of favorites! Coming in at No.4, Las Vegas is a perennially popular getaway with glitz, glamour and a lot more in tow for all those who visit it! If there’s one thing for certain, you’d never have to deal with dull moment in Sin City a.k.a Vegas!

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3. Bora Bora: Tropical islands are holiday favorites and topping the list at that is Bora Bora. The heavenly French Polynesian island is a honeymoon paradise and is best known for its over-water bungalows, turquoise waters and drop-dead-gorgeous island views. Dive in the waters of the island or enjoy its beauty while swinging in a hammock, there’s a little bit for everyone at Bora Bora!

2. Japan: With cherry blossoms and several natural and man-made wonders, Japan has been a preferred travel destination for many. The Asian land is also named as the ‘destination of the year ‘by Travel + Leisure and its hardly a wonder to see wanderlusters flocking towards it year after year.

1. Maldives: The tropical haven of Maldives has been the most trending destinations of the season. With pristine blue waters, corals and weather perfect for your tan, the island nation is a top choice for world travelers. It is home to several luxury resorts and is ideal for those looking for a beach holiday at best.

So where are you headed for the holiday season?


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