Japanese airline ANA now has Pokemon themed Boeing 787-9 jet

More than often, the atmosphere ‘inside’ an airplane makes you feel pleasant and compels you to return. In the case of All Nippon Airways, or ANA, it is what lies outside the enticing aircraft- Pikachu! Catering to the eternal Pikachu craze, ANA has unveiled its latest collaboration with Pokémon and delivered an exciting Boeing 787-9 dubbed the “Pikachu Jet NH.” The plane’s exterior sports several Pokémon characters in addition to Pikachu, such as Charizard, Latios, and Latias. Pikachu draws attention to the side of the engine featuring a big Poké Ball. Its interior will doubtless be a Pikachu haven if they want passengers to be seated inside the airplane and not on it.

“Pokémon Air Adventures” is a collaboration between All Nippon Airways (ANA) and the Pokémon Company to launch its specially painted Pikachu Jet NH. The partnership will include a variety of special products and services, such as original goods and in-flight entertainment,” ANA stated in a statement. The Pikachu Jet NH will seat 246 passengers in a three-clas layout, with 40 in business, 14 in premium economy, and 192 in economy. They will be entertained with Pokémon-related inflight entertainment and exclusive souvenirs. Per Simpleflying, Pikachu Jet NH will carry the livery for five years from June 4th, 2023, operating on domestic and international routes.

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ANA has made life easy for fans by releasing a set of routes the Pikachu jet may operate from June 4th until October 28th, 2023. “The “Pokémon Air Adventures” project aims to elevate the excitement of travel with the world of Pokémon by easing travel restrictions.” This new venture demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to reintroducing people to the joys of travel and mobility,” the airline concluded. In 2021, Japanese low-cost carrier Skymark Airlines collaborated with Pokémon Air Adventures for a blinding yellow Pikachu-themed jet. The aircraft had it all, from Pokémon-themed crew, seats, and disposables.

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