Another Versace Boutique Opens Up In Rome

The economic crisis and global meltdown don’t seem to have any effect on Versace, who are confident that opening another boutique will definitely get them a good response. This October, their latest luxury boutique opened in Via Veneto, a district known for its upscale hotels and designer stores. The latest boutique will be the fourth Versace store in Rome and it does make you wonder whether this new addition will be any different. Well, one reason for you to visit this store can be for its contemporary design. The store’s 200-square-meter space has been designed by the company’s in-house team of architects, which means the feel of the room is more fashionable while maintaining the brand’s signature lavishness. Materials used to create this signature space include leather, black marble, and crystal. With such magnificence you know it is designed to cater to the needs of its upscale clients. These clients can look forward to some VIP experience where they can make their purchases in complete privacy thanks to the store’s VIP room.

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So for all those who are looking for that luxurious shopping experience, this boutique should definitely be a priority in your shopping list.

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