Versace Vanity La Dorée Tableware Collection for golden meal times

We’ve seen Versace lay out its flamboyant collection of tableware, not forgetting the very Christmassy – Versace Christmas 2010 tableware and ornaments collection. Each exquisite assortment from the brand has made us look forward to what’s next on the Versace list. And much to our content, the brand has unveiled an exquisite collection of wares that I’m sure would mesmerize you.

Vanity La Dorée Sugar Bowl & Creamer

Crafted of porcelain, this golden sugar bowl and creamer set from Versace would form the perfect setting for a classy dinner gathering. What makes it more attractive is the subtly embossed pattern as well as the protruding wing-like topper.

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Available at $580

Vanity La Dorée Service Plate

Matching perfectly well with the Vanity sugar bowl and creamer set is the Versace’s La Dorée Service Plate. This glamorous piece also displays a flattering pattern on golden. It has been elegantly dressed in titanium coated floral design giving the ware its luster.

Available at $230

Vanity La Dorée Coffee Pot

The Vanity La Dorée Coffee Pot is a slimmer version of the Vanity La Doree sugar bowl, but with more elaborate embossing. Made from porcelain, this exquisite ware from the renowned Italian luxury lifestyle brand will allow you to entertain and flaunt in style. Be sure to catch admiring stares.

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Available at $653

Set of 6 Vanity La Dorée Tea Cups & Saucers

Completing the Vanity La Doree tableware collection is its set of 6 Tea Cups & Saucers. Each of these adorns a golden cloak with subtle embossing. The cups very elegantly display the wing-like motif in the form of a handle.

Available at $1,273

Overall, the Versace Vanity La Doree Collection seems like one of the brand’s most exquisite and mesmerizing makes that have been created to awe and inspire.

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