At $570,000 this is the most expensive vacation in the world

If you love nature documentaries then you can’t possibly be a stranger to the name David Attenborough. The British icon is the voice behind many of your favorite programs including Blue Planet, Frozen Planet, and Planet Earth- his voice has guided millions of viewers through armchair tours of the world. Now a travel and tourism company called eShores has created a trip of a lifetime by rounding up the locations mentioned in some of Attenborough’s most memorable TV shows including Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, Planet Earth 2, and Blue Planet II.

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In order to follow in the steps of Attenborough and the production teams of his various shows, you’d have to take 175 flights along with several car and a train journeys amounting to something like 373,744 miles. The price of all this adventure is a bank busting £402,220 (approx. $568,762), but that includes everything from flights and hotels to the cost of special sightseeing excursions like diving trips, safaris etc.

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The trip does not exist of course, it is the product of some extensive research by the eShores team, but it’s an amazing fantasy journey for the intrepid travelers out there. eShores has also conveniently broken down the travel costs and routes for each of Attenborough’s individual programs. Check out their infographics here for more: Eshores

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