Going beyond an all-business class service, this new luxury airline will whisk passengers away to the Maldives in an experience rivaling a private jet.

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That the Maldives is one of the most luxurious destinations worldwide is well-known. Why wait for the opulence to envelope you only after setting foot in the Indian Ocean archipelago when Beond exists? Pronounced beyond, this new luxury airline from the Maldives gives travelers a doze of unmatched service en route on their Maldivian vacation in a business-class-only airline. It’s the next best thing to flying private with fully flat beds in an Airbus A321 that will have only 68 seats, as opposed to 220 on other airlines.Dubai and Delhi are expected to be the first destinations when it launches later this year, pending regulatory approval.

“We want to do something completely new,” Beond’s chief commercial officer, Sascha Feuerherd, told CNN. “We deliberately chose to go for a luxury destination, which is a little paradise by itself, where people travel to relax and spend quality time. We want to ensure that they can travel there also in comfort so that they are arriving fully relaxed.” in addition to the comfort provided 30,000 feet in the air, Beond ensures a seamless experience by flying its customers directly to the island. No halts and no breaks are coming between you and your Maldivian respite.

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“We’re going for the airports with big catchment areas, with a certain wealth behind it, and then fly people directly,” shared Feuerherd. The aircraft is designed by Italian manufacturer Optimares, suppliers of similar interiors for the Four Seasons A321 private jet. With utmost attention to relaxation, the seats share components with LaFerrari. “I’m about six feet tall, and so is our CEO, and that was pretty much the size reference we worked with to avoid getting the feeling that we were slipping out of the bed,” stated Feuerherd.

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The Soneva Jani.

“We also very quickly decided that we wanted to have two abreast because of the nature of our passengers, which is a lot of couples.” Beond hopes to target Asian countries and add three to five destinations in China, including Hong Kong, over the next 12 months. To give you an idea about the cost of flying in the lap of luxury, a round-trip ticket from Dubai to Male would be about $3,000.

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