Forget an airliner; this arrow-shaped supersonic car can actually drive at half the speed of the mighty Concorde and now it’s looking for someone with $15 million.

Bloodhound project

Remember the arrow-shaped Bloodhound LSR car, a record-breaking machine powered by a Eurofighter Typhoon jet engine and a rocket motor? The team behind the land speed record car is looking for a new driver who can pilot it beyond 800mph, setting a new world record. The only caveat is the new driver will have to bring funds to keep the operation running and make the record-setting attempt. How much, you ask? Well, the team is looking to raise £12 million (~$15.4 million). The Bloodhound project was launched 15 years ago with the aim of building a land vehicle capable of traveling at supersonic speeds and setting a new world land speed record.

Andy Green with the Bloodhound LSR. Bloodhound project

Andy Green, a former Air Force pilot turned jet car driver, was supposed to pilot the Bloodhound LSR and break his own land speed record, which had stood at around 763mph since it was set back in 1997. During a test in 2019, the vehicle managed to hit a speed of 628mph.

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Bloodhound project

Since then, the team has struggled hard to keep the operations running and achieve its goal of setting a new record. To make things worse, 61-year-old Andy Green decided to step away from his role to pilot the Bloodhound LSR. Although, he’ll still be associated with the project and even train the new driver for the crazy-difficult task.

Bloodhound project

To find a new driver and also raise funds, Bloodhound CEO Stuart Edmondson launched a new campaign last year. The idea behind the campaign was to bring the spotlight to the project and solve both problems. “As we enter a new chapter of the Bloodhound LSR project, I’m excited about the opportunity and challenges that lie ahead and confident that this will enable us to return to South Africa and set a new record, Edmondson said in a statement. “With a new driver, along with my aim of not using fossil fuels to set a new FIA Outright World Land Speed Record, the project promises to be exciting, engaging and relevant at so many levels.” It’s been over 7 months since the campaign was launched, yet the team is still looking for money and a new driver. What a shame!

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A bird’s eye view of the Bloodhound. Bloodhound project
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