Christies to offer the worlds first portable private islands

When you have a lot of money and want to throw it out into the sea, then most likely an ambitious realtor is bound to make the catch and sign an investment deal. Provided the realtor is Christie’s International Real Estate who is offering the world’s first truly portable private islands. These islands will be completely self-sustainable and free from environmental impact, safe from rising sea levels and also create a new underwater habitat for sea life. Baffled? Lost? Confused? So are we. Until we get some more meat into this story, we are as clueless about this absurd kind of investment as you probably are right now.

The islands will be called Amillarah Private Islands and it will allow you to determine a location for your choice entirely, anywhere in the world. Christie’s along with Dutch Dockyards will ensure that you receive your money’s worth. There will be no space for doubt in impeccable designs as the unique tailor-made floating residences are designed by well-known Koen Olthius. There has to be a catch here, or some really tight conditions in the fine print. What if someone wants to laze in some steamy lagoon in South Korea? Or on the Nile delta? Or some other vicious, volatile and violent area? Dutch Docklands are no strangers to the floating idea – their core business lies on it – but somehow the idea seems a little too plausible to materialize.
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[Via – Forbes]

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