Complete with food, champagne and virtual reality headsets – This Japanese company is offering virtual vacations around the world on a mock up planes

This world is currently on a traveling diet that has restricted consumption of beautiful beaches, snow-capped mountains and stunning skylines. But like in any diet, there are cheat days and we have them in the traveling diet too. Boarding fake planes to take virtual vacations around the world but not actually going anywhere is the loophole to cure your wanderlust cravings. Tokyo-based carrier First Airlines offers two-hour virtual reality ‘flights’ through Japan’s popular sights. They have made two special plans to give visitors a choice of where they would like to go. If you’d like to delve in the beautiful scenery in Japan, travelers can opt for plan A while Plan B is ideal for those who want to indulge in the rich and varied Japanese history and culture. Now Japan’s superb mountains which change the color from season to season, the sound of a rushing creek, to awe-inspiring and breathtaking shrines and castles can all be enjoyed from a first or business class seat in a mock airline cabin. The experience is complete with the trimmings of a business class cabin, in-flight meals and drinks, with flat panel screens displaying aircraft exterior views including passing clouds.

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The experience gets very real with inclusions like disembarking and exploring different cities through virtual tours. Even in a mock trip Covid-19 regulations are adhered to like a staff dressed as a flight attendant checks temperature of a customer at a check-in desk at First Airlines. Travelers are provided with virtual reality goggles for immersive tours at destinations including Paris, New York, Rome, and Hawaii. Not too long ago Taiwan airport was offering travel-starved tourists a fake 2 hour flight experience on a plane that never left.

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[Via: Metro]

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