Complete with a passport check, issuing a boarding pass to in-flight food – Taiwan airport is offering travel-starved tourists a fake 2 hour flight experience on a plane that never takes off!

The question lingering on my mind right now is- How far will you go, to go far? For seriously travel-starved people Taipei Songshan airport has a unique travel experience for people during the lockdown: fake flight services. It’s a ridiculous idea, to begin with, as you check-in, go through passport control and security and even board the aircraft and you just never leave. Is this experience aimed to be a satisfying one or is it like rubbing salt into wounds? Of the 7,000 people that applied to take part, 60 people were chosen by random. They collected boarding passes and proceeded through security and immigration before boarding an Airbus A330 of Taiwan’s largest carrier, China Airlines, where flight attendants chatted with them. And then nothing happened. Hsiao Chun-Wei, 38, who brought her young son for this unique experience said, “I really want to leave the country, but because of the epidemic lots of flights can’t fly,” in case the guests haven’t noticed, they still aren’t going anywhere! This has started to sound like a window-shopping experience for traveling where you don’t get the satisfaction of buying something but that shouldn’t mean you can’t look!

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The airport on the other hand is being smart and using this opportunity to show off renovations completed while passengers have stayed away, and show people what coronavirus-prevention steps they are taking. On a serious note, the Taiwanese government has advised citizens against overseas travel unless absolutely necessary; until then revel in the fakeness and the intoxicating scent of airports!

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People who want to leave the island, but cannot due to coronavirus disease-related (COVID-19) travel restrictions, take part in a “fake” travel experience for tourists simulating the experience of using an international airport at Songshan airport in Taipei, Taiwan July 2, 2020. REUTERS/Ann Wang

Real food for a fake flight.

[Via: The Jakarta Post]

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