Eerily empty – From the sun kissed beaches of Philippines to the canals of Venice take a look at how the Coronavirus has affected the world’s most popular places

The world has come to a halt and if the pictures are any evidence then coronavirus has surely scared people to confinement. It is the need of the hour and precaution is better than cure especially when there isn’t any. However, this outbreak has erased the biggest problems of tourist destinations around the world- overcrowding. People are scared and ‘Do Not Travel’ warning is being taken seriously. Popular tourist destinations have decided to voluntarily shut their gates like Forbidden City in Beijing, Tokyo Disneyland and the Louvre Museum in Paris. While many others like gondoliers of Venice, sellers of floating market in Thailand await visitors. Even hotspots like Naviglio canal area of Milan are deserted.

Empty restaurant tables in Venice.

Authorities have shut down the Louvre museum in Paris.
A lone visitor explores Milan’s famous Duomo gothic cathedral.
An otherwise busy gondolier talks on his phone while waiting for clients.
The pristine Boracay beach in the Philippines is deserted.
The bustling St Marks square in Venice is empty.
Empty sun beds at La Caleta beach in Cádiz, Spain.
A deserted Milan.
Ninen Zaka slope in Kyoto which is usually filled with Instagrammers from across the globe has a handful of tourists.
The pictures says it all for Disneyland Hong Kong.
Beijing’s Forbidden city which is usually packed with tourists is locked down.
The empty food court at Pattaya’s famous floating market.
The locked Shanghai Disneyland.
An otherwise packed Summer Palace in Beijing is deserted.

[Via: Traveller]

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