Crystal Cruise’s microbrew-themed voyage will sail with the most expensive beer onboard

Crystal Cruise adds on-board limited edition beers to an already existing high-priced list. Two of the line’s vessels – Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity will now serve its guests Samuel Adams’ rare Utopias brew, a cult offering that is made with yeast found in champagne and resembles a port wine. With only 3,000 bottles of this limited edition produced annually, a bottle of Samuel Adams comes with a hefty price tag – $300 a bottle. However, you would be able to enjoy a sip of this expensive beer on the Crystal only by the end of this year on the new Connoisseur beer menu. This beeroisseur menu includes up to a dozen unusual craft brews at a time hailing from renowned beer production countries like Belgium, Austria, Germany, Holland, and the U.K., and changes as the ships move around the globe.

Other rare brews on the menu include England’s Thornbridge Bracia, Scotland’s Ola Dubh 12, Samichlaus (Austria), and Rochefort Trappistes 10 from Belgium. Those beer aficionados who would love to indulge in tastings and learn about beer can look to beer pairing menus at intimate Vintage Room Dinners and a new microbrew-themed cruise sailing from New York to Miami for 14 days, starting November 5, 2014.

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[Via – Usatoday and Crystalcruises]

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