EOS-X Space balloon will take you nearly 132,000 feet high to the edge of the stratosphere for $160,000 in 2025. The pressurized cabin will feature floor-to-ceiling windows, LED lighting, and even a bar to raise a toast to the breathtaking views.

We live on a beautiful planet with the most beautiful destinations, but there is no denying that sipping cocktails in the stratosphere is indeed enticing. Fueling dreams that were once deemed unrealistic is Spanish firm EOS-X Space, the first space exploration company from the nation, which has announced that its spaceship capsules will fly you to the outer edge of the stratosphere and back by 2025. This seven-passenger capsule will operate from bases in Seville and Abu Dhabi, flying passengers to an altitude of about 131,234 feet, nestled safely in a helium-filled stratospheric balloon.

To elevate this already-elevated experience, the balloon takes off at dawn, taking two hours to ascend, another two to cruise at the picturesque altitude, and the last hour to descend.

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The EOS-X space capsule is ergonomically designed with comfortable seats, massive windows, ambient lighting, an onboard bar to toast to the special event, and a lavatory for when nature calls. All one needs is between $160,550 to $214,060 for the out-of-this-world experience, compared to $125,000 for Space Perspective’s Neptune flight.

Bringing more to the table is the spectacular SpaceHub Complex in La Isla de la Cartuja (Seville) featuring an ultra-luxury hotel offering pioneering treatments and experiences.

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“EOS-X SPACE will have a spectacular SpaceHub Complex in La Isla de la Cartuja (Seville), where immersive experiences will be developed, as well as an ultra-luxury hotel in the province of Seville where customers will enjoy pioneering treatments and experiences,” said the company. The company has invested more than $230 million in engineering and development in both Spain and Abu Dhabi.

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