Neptune, the luxury tourist space balloon by Space Perspective, has revealed its opulent lavatory, also known as the Space Spa, complete with breathtaking views, plants, and a plush toilet seat.

When nature calls, it doesn’t matter whether you’re at home, work, a restaurant, or even in the stratosphere! The good news is that you can relieve yourself even at the edge of Earth on Space Perspective’s six-hour balloon flights. Space balloon Neptune is equipped with what the company calls the world’s first space spa. Despite the limited space, the firm has created a luxurious lavatory complete with plants, plush seating, and Wi-Fi.

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Lead designer Isabella Trani described the Space Spa: ‘It was imperative that it felt like a retreat. Explorers will find this environment cocooning and comforting, with no sharp edges, which adds to the ambiance and creates a very welcoming place. On a practical level, the design promotes cleanliness, with easily wipeable surfaces, and its soft surfaces and greenery help with sound and odor control,’ she said.

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The world’s first Space Spa is a well-lit capsule toilet with unmatched scenic views of the Earth. It is tucked away next to the lounge and can be used by eight passengers and a captain. This small yet cozy space includes luxurious furnishings, real plants, and a plush toilet seat where one can enjoy solitude in this unique setting. With Wi-Fi, you can capture the moment when nothing stands between you and the planet.

Via Facebook / @Space Perspective

“One of the first questions we get about our six-hour #spaceflight is, ‘Um, how about … going to the bathroom? ‘” the company wrote on X. “With soft, soothing color tones, living plants, stunning window vistas, high-end products, and unique soundscapes, it’s the ultimate retreat for our Explorers during their transformative journey to the edge of space. Plush seating on the toilet lid means you can comfortably stay a while and enjoy a moment of solitude. And because there’s Wi-Fi, you can even take a high-altitude bathroom selfie.”

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Emirates offers a shower spa to its first class passengers on their A380 aircraft.

The next upgrade would be to emulate what is considered the best ‘shower spa‘ on the planet, found in an Emirates Airbus A380 first class. Certainly a lot roomier, the shower spa with heated floors is temperature-controlled with a large make-up mirror, separate shaving mirror, full-length mirrors, hanging space for your clothes, and a rack stocked with luxe toiletries.

Via Facebook / @Space Perspective

Space Perspective hopes to offer its first flight to the edge of space at the end of 2024. Over 1,650 eager customers have already secured tickets for $125,000 to reach for the stars.

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