For six years in a row, this $45,000 a night island in Tanzania has been awarded as the most exclusive private island in the world.

Thanda Island, located off the coast of Tanzania, has been bestowed with the most revered awards in the industry- World’s Leading Exclusive Private Island at the 2021 World Travel Awards. This accolade certainly doesn’t come easy, and this ultra-luxe private island has managed the feat a whopping six times in a row, confirming they genuinely are the best there is. Nestled in Tanzania’s Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve, the property brings forth the best of the Rufiji River Delta and the Selous National Park. Not only is Thanda Island known for its grandeur, but it also equals opulence with the size of a mighty 5.5 hectares. Your secluded private holiday can be heightened with a stay at the villa or a more adventurous choice of Tanzanian Bandas. Listed below are images that of the tropical retreat that will teleport you to a paradise where you can holiday in the lap of luxury while experiencing traditional Tanzanian life:

Guests arrive at this paradise on Planet Earth by first landing at the International Airport in Dar es Salaam. The Thanda Island team escorts guests to the resort in a helicopter or a fixed-wing transfer in an 8 or 12 seat plane followed by a short boat ride.

There is nothing quite like Thanda Island, where guests revel in their very own private 3700 feet beach, explore the 8-hectare island. For 5-days, visitors dive in the largest marine protected reserve in the Indian Ocean and live in opulent villas or Bandas.

The pristine Thanda Island has made fishing an illegal activity, ensuring the conservation of more than 280 species of tropical fish. A personal marine biologist will introduce guests to this new world and help you indulge in an incredible choice of thrilling water adventures, excursions, and activities, like swimming with whale sharks, scuba diving, and more.

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The villa can be called a grand beach house, a sprawling living area, five suites, a vast living room that opens to the pool, and several amenities.

The indoor aquarium highlights the massive villa and is a captivating centerpiece.

All five bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms, kingsize beds, an idyllic island feel with white decor, breezy curtains, and poster beds. Additional beds for children can be set up in bedroom suites or the library if required.

The lavish villas boast a variety of musical instruments, an air-conditioned gym. There is a well-stocked library packed with an envious Ernest Hemingway book collection for avid readers.

Water babies can hit the beach to mingle with the abundant marine life or relax in the all-glass rim-flow swimming pool. There is no shortage of options at Thanda Island.

Mealtimes are made special with a huge wraparound dining area offering 180-degree views of the ocean and a seat for everyone. Accompanying hearty meals is the magnificent wine collection.

There is no better way to live a traditional Tanzanian life than in the glorious, air-conditioned, double-story Bandas. It may look rustic but is an out-and-out luxury accommodation bringing the best of both worlds.

The five bedrooms look fit for a king, with a large bed, lush African carpets, intricate woodwork, and a tropical tree-house feel that’s tough to match.

The outdoor area is fitted with lounge chairs and tables to begin your mornings, soaking in the warm sun and feeling the flawless white sand on your feet.

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Comfortable furniture is placed to make the most of the leisurely time. Read a book, listen to some music or watch a movie while living in the very heart of nature.

When living on an island, one indeed expects the freshest produce. The chefs, aka seafood masters, will floor you with fish cooked to perfection. From fish carpaccio, sashimi, sushi, prawn curries, lobsters freshly caught off Mafia Island, they will leave you wanting more.

The alfresco area is home to great food with a dose of entertainment. Families can have fun with food as everyone gets involved in pizza-making at the alfresco dining area, home to a traditional hand-built Italian pizza oven.

Complete your traditional Tanzanian experience by indulging in an unforgettable Swahili setup. The feast brings flavors and aromas of Tanzania to the table, fused with an exotic experience of Arabian nights. Expect chiffon drapes, incense, Afghan rugs, low tables, Arabian music, and culinary delights to tickle your senses. Food includes a wide spread of Swahili curries, rice dishes, grills, local desserts, chai, and more.

Days at the Thanda Island are not just for idling in the pool or beach but for some aquatic adventures. The hotel offers a 36-foot adventure yacht Sazi, 28-foot reef runner, deep-sea fishing cat, Real Magic, and a 34-foot Cobalt motor cruiser for guests to cruise around Thanda and the surrounding islands.

Other activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, and one of the most emotional and spectacular ocean wonders you can ever experience- swimming with whale sharks!

A buy-out of Thanda Island costs $45,000 per night with a minimum stay of five nights.

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