From a cave in Santorini to a Sea shell house in Mexico – According to AirBnB here are the 10 most wishlisted properties of the decade

Whoever made the wish list section on shopping apps is one who gets the human mentality very well. We all wish list everything, at least I do, right from the dress I am confused about buying to the home I can’t afford to rent out, I like wishing about having it all someday. Till then it stays in my wish list as a constant reminder of the things left-to-do. Interestingly, I am not alone; other similar creatures of habit have also wish listed homes on Airbnb. A list of these interesting and much desired homes over the last decade has us hooked. If you’re still wish listing for your next vacation maybe you will find some holiday inspiration below-

2019- Exception Property with Private Beach, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Wish Listed 275,862 times :
If you have spent a considerable amount of time on Airbnb last year maybe you remember coming across this lovely beachfront home in Santa Catarina. Apart from the breathtaking views, guests can enjoy fishing, surfing, lounging and also outdoor Brazilian BBQ.

2018- Hector Cave House, Santorini, Greece. Wish Listed 254,773 times :
Everyone knows this house not only in Santorini, but all around the world. This vacation home is literally carved into the caldera cliff, and comes equipped with a fully functioning kitchen and common areas; outside the Greek milieu enthralls you and the veranda offers space to soak up the sun.

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2017- White Breeze Apartment, Phuket, Thailand. Wish Listed 204,110 times :
One look at this hillside home and you know it’s your villa of willful relaxation. Enjoy the picturesque sunsets from the terrace or laze in your private pool while nibbling on fresh papaya picked from papaya trees onsite by the hospitable staff.

2016- Everview Suite, Cape Town, South Africa. Wish Listed 28,305 times :
This place has all the elements to make a vacation unforgettable. It can house many (6 people), has a heated pool, the most expansive views of Table Mountain, is located in proximity to Camps Bay and has the loveliest little fireplace. What else does one need?

2015- Balian Treehouse, Bali, Indonesia. Wish Listed 271,887 times :
There’s no better way of enjoying Bali and a lot of people agree. This Balian treehouse gives you the chance to enjoy Bali in its true element overlooking the palm trees, lush garden, and pool.

2014- Cob Cottage, Mayne Island, Canada. Wish Listed 152,918 times :
There’s no other house like this on Earth; this one-of-a-kind earth house in Canada is called so, as it is made by hand using only sustainable materials; Having said that, it still has all the modern amenities required for a comfortable stay. Guests love indoor details like custom woodwork. Outside, sheep and chickens offer fresh eggs and milk for morning meals.

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2013- The World Famous Seashell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Wish Listed 235,803 times :
Now, who doesn’t know this? Anyone who daydreams about vacations definitely wants to stay here someday…soon! It’s like a magical house of shells located atop the cliff adjoining the beach with a private pool and special concierge services. Love how actual seashell inspirations are spread all over the place from the spiral staircase, the decor or the external architecture.

2012- Off-The-Grid House, Pioneertown, California. Wish Listed 98,796 times :
This is a great way of forgetting how much your daily grind upsets you. Stationed in a remote valley of a desert in Pioneertown, this architectural gem has impressed the world with its minimalistic and smart design, the use of solar panels and floor to ceiling glass windows that give sightseeing a new meaning.

2011- Villa near Florence, Tuscany, Italy. Wish Listed 3,686 times :
A very small percentage of the world live in palaces (and some leave those too), for the rest of us there is the palatial villa nestled in the Chianti hills near Florence. This vintage getaway spot is commodious and sleeps sixteen. It offers a natural botanical garden, a private saltwater swimming pool, and two wood pizza ovens for the gastronomes.

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