This AirBnB will let you relive the 1930’s Soviet Utopia

The concept of Airbnb is simply fascinating. It does away with the monotonous hotel rooms and introduces travelers to an experience filled with local culture and memoirs. A restored Soviet apartment in Moskva has found itself on Airbnb after two Moscow-based activists renovated the apartment.

The dynamic duo behind the project, Alexander Dudnev and Konstantin Gudkov describe the apartment as a “time machine” to the Stalin era: “Located in a historical constructivist building, carefully restored and fully equipped with authentic and reconstructed furniture, lights and tableware, it will transfer you to 1930s utopia.”

The 35 sqm one bedroom flat is truly a reflection of homes in the 1930s with a minuscule kitchen and bathroom. Intriguingly enough, a shower was installed only later, earlier citing it as an unnecessary luxury.

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The Soviet-era apartment has been designed by architect Ivan Nikolaev, who is best known for his design of a Moscow textile institute dormitory. Given its history, one can expect a very simple house, ideal for that 1930 experience. The entire vibe of the apartment is very avant-garde; Dudnev and Gudkov brought in fresco restorers; worked with the interior designer Mariya Pilipenko, and commissioned Less design studio to recreate furniture for the flat. Of course, the primary focus behind the restoration was to maintain its heritage and historic vibe. The sofa is upholstered with a fabric made from a design by the Russian artist Lyubov Popova.

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Dudnev, who condemns Stalinism, says the architecture created then is awe-inspiring. “This juxtaposition of something great and something horrifying is compelling,” he says. “You are both filled with admiration and terrified. This is always closely connected with the avant-garde and this period.”

A well-liked choice with admirers of Soviet history and football, the listing has received positive reviews for its aura and cleanliness.


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