You may be able to book your next AirBnB rental with Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is here to stay! British auction house Sotheby’s started accepting cryptocurrency as payment. AMC theatres also accept Bitcoin as payment for movie tickets. Someone bought a penthouse on Miami beach worth $22.5 million using cryptocurrency. We know this list will only increase with time, and Airbnb might be its latest addition. The American home rental firm Airbnb Inc’s co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky asked users on Twitter to recommend anything they would like the home rental firm to do in 2022. His question got more than 4000 responses. Being able to book an Airbnb apartment with digital assets as “crypto payments” topped the list of suggestions.

Though pretty essential to make a stay worthwhile, the others were run-of-the-mill suggestions like better pricing displays, a guest loyalty program, updated cleaning fees, more long-term stays and discounts, and better customer service. The CEO replied to these suggestions saying Airbnb is “already working on some” tips and “will look into others now.” Brian Chesky also mentioned, ‘Crypto payments is inclusive of a variety of token ideas.’

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A Twitter user impressed by Chesky’s initiative to learn what his customers want to be, commented, ‘A CEO that listens, how refreshing.’ A host Carlos Loria urged Chesky to review revenge reviews, and he wrote, ‘As a host, I want you to review the “revenge reviews.” I lost my super host badge because of a woman that did that to me, and it’s been awful.’ Chesky replied, ‘We are also working on this.’ shared the founder’s opinion, “The key is when regular people understand how the new technology improved their lives, beyond the initial excitement. I’m really excited about certain applications that regular people could use to live a better daily life.”

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