That will be 0.0011 BTC – AMC theatres will accept bitcoin as payment for movie tickets and concessions by year-end

In new Bitcoin news, we would like to share that AMC Theatres plans to accept Bitcoin payments for tickets and concessions ordered online by the end of the year. Suppose you thought you could only buy expensive apartments or luxe gadgets like Macbooks and iPhones, you will well be able to purchase something as commonplace as movie tickets once the AMC theatres have their IT systems in place to take the cryptocurrency as payment.

AMC will be the first theater chain to accept cryptocurrency as a payment option, and credit goes to the company’s new investors who are incredibly enthusiastic about crypto. We sincerely hope the movie businesses take up speed post-pandemic, so the investors have enough crypto in their crypt. Still, it also raises the question, how many will be willing to part ways with their bitcoin stash for movie tickets? In addition to cryptocurrency, AMC theaters will also accept Google Pay and Apple Pay, which many people already use for their daily businesses and shopping.

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AMC Entertainment chairman and CEO Adam Aron thinks it to be a good movie considering the price of bitcoin swung drastically in recent weeks, the last trading around $46,000 after falling below $30,000 last month. Agreed, it is volatile in nature, but for patient investors, it’s a swell way of making money, faster than selling movie tickets for sure.

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[Via: Forbes]

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