Not for a cartel leader but for a 28-year-old influencer – 31 units of the Mexican police swooped in and confiscated four of his luxury cars worth $1 million for over speeding and racing.

Via Instagram / @alfredovlzafanss

This is the best and worst time to be an influencer. On one end, we have influencers making obscene amounts of money, nearly$250,000, by selling her love as an NFT; on the other end, we hear news of a teen crypto trader and influencer shot dead in his Porsche. Mexican influencer Alfredo Valenzuela was also in the information not for something as extreme as a shootout, but it certainly involved cars and four of them! Thirty police units surrounded Valenzuela in the city of Zapopan on August 6 to confiscate his luxury cars. The influencer believes the authorities have a bone to pick with him as this was the second time his vehicles had been taken away.

The four confiscated supercars were a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ worth $4,24,000, McLaren 72OS blue costing $2,49,000, a white Audi R8 worth $1,50,000, and a Black Camaro worth $75,000. According to local reports, the cars were towed away because they did not have license plates and because the influencer was allegedly taking part in drag races across the city. Alfredo Valenzuela, who broadcast the seizure live, mentioned that it was a hunt against him, “31 patrols to take my cars off me because they didn’t have license plates as if I were a major criminal,” he wrote.

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Via Instagram / @alfredovlzafanss

The Jalisco Traffic Police explained their side of the story and why this action was imperative, “Speed is not a good strategy. “Bringing out your toys to race on the streets of our city undermines everyone’s road safety. Furthermore, driving without license plates, with expired permits, and even without a license is enough for them to spend the night in the impound lot.” Influencers getting carried away with the sudden inflow of the good things in life often exhibit reckless behaviors, which unfortunately lands them sometimes even in life-threatening situations.

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Via Instagram / @alfredovlzafanss

28-year-old Valenzuela boasts 2.82 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.3 million followers on Instagram, and 1.2 million followers on Facebook. He’s not only amassed a massive following on social media but also enough wealth; Venezuela has an estimated net worth of nearly $6 million, according to the website Idol Net Worth. The influencer hasn’t shown much progress despite getting arrested and spending three days behind bars for taking part in clandestine drag races in August last year.

Via Instagram / @alfredovlzafanss
Via Instagram / @alfredovlzafanss


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