Behold the McLaren 720S, the marquee’s newest $285,000 ultra-lightweight supercar

The McLaren 720S is one of the most anticipated cars of this year and yesterday the British marquee took the wraps off its newest supercar at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. It’s amazing to see how much McLaren has evolved as a carmaker since it launched the MP4-12C a little over half a decade back. The company has successfully built itself into one of the world’s leading supercar makers in this short time; and the new 720S is only going to help it further. Introduced as a replacement for the 650S, the McLaren 720S is the company’s new core model and also the first of 15 new-generation McLarens, half of which will be hybrids, promised by 2022 under CEO Mike Flewitt’s ambitious Track 22 development plan.

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McLaren claims that the second-generation of the Super Series car is 90 percent all-new and describes it as lighter, faster, and more dynamically capable than its predecessor. The 720S has an all-carbon fiber tub, with aluminum space frames carrying the front and rear suspension. Powering the 720S is McLaren’s new twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 that delivers 710 horsepower and can propel the mid-engine coupe from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. In terms of the weight, the 720S is down 40 lbs. from the 650S to 2,829 pounds dry and 3,128 fueled.

But it is the design of the McLaren 720S that really stands out. The aerodynamic elements of the car are beautifully built into the overall design without making its styling look over-the-top. The front headlight clusters, anatomized as ‘eye sockets’, suck in air for the low temperature radiators. Same is the case with scoops at the rear end. The car is just beautiful to look at. Inside the cabin, McLaren has made the interior plusher than before by replacing the plastic bits with metal and keeping the layout simple yet luxurious. Emilio Scervo, chief engineer of the 720S, said: “We’ve done our utmost to exceed the expectations of demanding supercar owners in every area, but we’re especially proud of the driving environment. It’s light and airy, it’s comfortable and sophisticated — and we think it beats any rival.”

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