Did you know what was a better investment than Bitcoins? Crocs!

I’m certain most of you fashionistas are unaware of the fact that Crocs graced the fashion industry disguised as a boating shoe. The pioneering shoe design then appeared on the feet of fashion editors, and kids.

The 2002-established company has now proven to be a major cash cow for investors seeking a viable investment. Only last week, New York Times reporter Jack Nicas made an intriguing comparison between the price change of bitcoin and Crocs; proving that Crocs make for a better long-term investment.

In a follow-up tweet, Nicas added: “Let’s give it up for the plastic cobbler who could: Crocs stock has doubled over the past 12 months!”

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One can definitely conclude that Crocs’ success in the stock market is more inclined towards its collaborations with high-end designers, as compared to the shoe itself.

Crocs emerged made its runaway debut in 2016, with Scottish designer Christopher Kane. The shoes caused a real stir when Balenciago’s platform versions priced at $850 were wiped out within a span of hours.

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Research shows that 25,000 searches for Crocs were made in April on eBay with almost 15,000 pairs sold in that same month.