Ibiza penthouse scam: Brit couple duped of $12000 by fake, nonexistent Airbnb rental

Airbnb has changed the face of travelling forever. A lot of people owe them their fantastic experiences, and memories that will last a lifetime. Some also owe them a horrifying experience and lasting memories they wish would fade at the earliest. I’m talking about a recent episode that took place in the lives of British septuagenarian couple Ian and Denise Feltham, from Cheswick, west London. They decided to vacay in incredible Ibiza and booked themselves a “VIP penthouse” in the Spanish holiday destination that promised features like a hot tub, super-king-size bed, Turkish bath and a private elevator and a marble-decked private terrace with an extraordinary sense of space. How bad could it get? No Turkish bath? Queen size bed instead of the promised super-king size? Unfortunately, none of the above-mentioned features was availed as the room they booked didn’t actually exist. They were one of many people who have been scammed by a host, Lux Travel Collective, of almost $12000.

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The Felthams claim that the property had as many as 37 positive reviews on Airbnb, with an average score of 4-out-of-5 stars. This non-existent hotel landed the couple and their Yorkshire terriers Ross and Honey in an emergent situation; a last-minute stay at the nearest dog-friendly accommodation they could find some 40 miles away for $250 extra per night.

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