Inside the worlds most expensive one bedroom apartment – $5.7 mil for 1200 sq.f

There was a story about how a bright garden gnome tried to bring colour into the life of a couple living in a quaint cottage in a traditional quiet British countryside. The couple got so sick of all the colour, they buried the gnome. That has been a British way for all we have known about them – serious, formal, groomed, and in shades of black, grey, navy and brown. Or way at the other end of the spectrum, with the likes of Lady Gaga.

But here is a home, tucked into the cosy mews, neighbouring London’s premium shopping district Knightsbridge (close to Harrod’s and Hyde Park), that is put up for sale with a price tag of 3.75 million. What is the big deal, you may wonder. The big deal is that it is a one bedroom house with a total area of 1,200 sq ft with a double garage painted purple. More colours are thrown across the house, like purple stripes in the kitchen which can accommodate two and a quarter people. The drawing room is all white, with purple cushions and paintings, and an office with orange, magenta and more purple. London is reputed to have some of the costliest homes in the world, but this one has got to be the most bizarre.
Jeremy Davidson Property Consultants put up the home for sale, which has been designed by Federica Palacios. All the eccentricities are acceptable in today’s absurd world of abstract luxury, but when you try to imagine such a home in the heart of London, and with such a price tag you seriously start wondering the sanity of this age and civilization.
This would be a highly-anticipated spot to know who ends up buying this colourful speck of diamond.

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[Via – Metro]

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