Chinese gives children practical lesson in becoming rich through luxury villa tours

What a riot! The Chinese are just something else altogether.
We know of them to be one of the most hardworking people in the world, having crept into the homes and lives of trillions all over the world with their skill and craft. While it is something we respect them for, it seems they have a little bit of a complex issue here. Apparently, these days, parents are taking their children on a rather interesting sightseeing – on special tours to luxury villas, so that they will be inspired to become wealthy and successful.

Imagine a conversation between a father and son. “Daddy, why have you brought me here.” “Son, see what all you can have if you study hard and become a rich man like the uncle who owns this house. Do not follow Daddy’s footsteps and stick to making glass for the Arab countries. After you see this house, I will take you to another gigantic, luxurious estate.”
This is no joke and apparently the discussion has gone viral in China ever since the Heming Island Resort and Spa in the Guandong Province started this special offer where families get the chance to visit luxury villas and help ‘stimulate their children’s desire to become wealthy and successful.’
It is so bizarre, I wonder what is taking human rights activists so long to comment. First the government imposes a one child policy, and now the parents go mental with enforced parenting. It all roots from the fact that China is now almost a super power. There is plenty of money floating about the nation. Remember the story about the billionaire who treated his 6,400 employees to a four-day holiday in France?

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