Housed inside an aquarium the Koral Restaurant in Bali is the most instagrammable restaurant in the world

What does being one of the finest restaurants in the world imply? Delicious food, unforgettable ambiance, courteous staff, or impeccable service? There are no secret ingredients in this answer- like good food, a great restaurant is an amalgamation of it all. The Koral Restaurant located within the luxury hotel the Apurva Kempinski in Nusa Dua is a fantastic example of the same and was rightly named the world’s most picture-perfect eatery in Tripadvisor’s 2021 Travelers’ Choice Awards.

It has earned this badge of beauty owing to its utterly unique interiors; the haven of food is nestled inside a sprawling aquarium. With a stunning set up all around you and equally tantalizing food on your plate, the sensory experience is enriching and abundant. Chef Andrea Astone manages to create a behemoth seafood menu with the most impressive platings featuring foie gras, wagyu, and truffles.

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Koral Carpaccio

At the Koral restaurant, guests enjoy a culinary experience like no other. It is the amalgamation of talent, locally sourced fine ingredients, and surprising compositions, making it a novel destination on The Island of Gods. The aquarium is a great way to revel in the vibe of Bali. It gives you a chance to enjoy the aquatic life without having to dive in the cerulean waters; it certainly is even better with one of their acclaimed Mist Negroni in hand. The overhead aquarium can be especially significant for families dining with kids.

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It can keep them occupied and wide-eyed and leave parents with some time to themselves too. The restaurant is plush, sprawling, and exudes a luxe vibe with geometric tiles, ample natural light, brick columns, and cozy seating areas other than the maritime scenery. The next time you make a trip to Bali, revel in the wonders of the out-of-the-world and into-the-aquatic eatery Koral Restaurant for an unforgettable time and a stream of unending Instagram stories.

The Koral restaurant is a hotspot for proposals.

[Via: Tripadvisor]

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