An Inside look on how its to fly on the most luxurious suite in the air – Etihad Residence

Nicole Kidman convinced us that it had to be the most amazing way to travel in air. And when we got a peek into the Etihad Residence, we knew that things had indeed gone to a new high. Here is an account by a writer at, who got to get a quick tour of The Residence. While we envy the gentleman, we cannot stop admiring at how fascinating the three-room suite looks, and we absolutely believe him when he says that it is ‘the most luxurious airline seat in the sky.’

It doesn’t come cheap, of course. A one-way trip to New York JFK, from Abu Dhabi will cost around $11,000 in First class, and $32,000 in The Residence. While First Class sells individually, ‘two people can share The Residence at this price.’
The Residence is so exclusive that only people who have booked into it, or are commissioned to promote it, can view it. Although there is a bed in the suite, the seating lounge comes with two seats that can be reclined to a ‘noteworthy’ comfortable recline.

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Not even the $11,000 First Class passenger. Passengers in The Residence can have three rooms, free internet access, a double seat, more storage, a bigger minibar and a larger TV.

There is a corridor connecting the seating to the bathroom and the bedroom. A door shuts this area out if required, and keep the rest of the area very private.

The bathroom has its own shower, again unique as the Apartment passengers need to share two lavatories, one of which only has the shower. Here, the floors are heated too.

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Past the bathroom is the bedroom … with a real mattress, not a mattress pad. There is also a TV and a side table to keep a glass of water.

You will have a butler. Not any random pick from the crew, but someone trained at The Savoy, London. He is trained to offer guests anything they want, ‘anything that is legal.’ Hmm.

Passengers of The Residence will get to use a specially-designed China.

… and specially-designed sleepwear from Christian Lacroix.

… and special bath amenities – Acqua di Parmaa.

… and bathrobes.

Which all make a pleasing trip, and a happy traveller. Here is the writer Gary Leff telling us he’s told it, like he has seen it.

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