Its 149 feet deep and holds more water than 25 standard pools – Take a look at the world’s deepest swimming pool

If you fancy deep sea diving minus the horrors of salty water, you can now take a dip in a rather cavernous water body in Poland. Located in the town of Mszczonow, we’re talking about the deepest swimming pool in the world!

Called ‘Deepshot,’ the pool stands 45.5 meters deep and is filled with 8000 cubic meters of water (more than twenty times the volume of a standard 25-meter swimming pool). It contains reproductions of underwater caves and Mayan ruins and a small wreck for exploration for swimmers visiting it.

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The unusual pool is intended for divers and is open to accommodate clients amid the pandemic. It is regarded as a diving training center providing courses as against a pool reserved for swimming alone. Commenting on it, Przemyslaw Kacprzak, a scuba instructor who attended the pool’s opening, said: “There is no beautiful fish or coral reefs here, so it is not a substitute for the sea, but it is really a good place to learn and train to dive safely.”

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Touted as a ‘kindergarten for divers,’ ‘Deepshot’ is now open for amateur divers in Poland and otherwise! Would you fancy taking a dip in the world’s deepest swimming pool?

[Via: Euronews]

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