It’s not Dubai or Singapore but London that is getting the worlds first 360-degree infinity swimming pool

Fancy yourself a 360-degree view of London? While many skyscrapers can provide you with that, here’s a unique way to experience panoramic vistas of the city while taking a dip in the water! We’re talking about the city’s upcoming architectural wonder- a 360-degree infinity pool that will provide you with the much-needed cool in the scorching summer heat along with an adventure of a lifetime.

Dubbed the ‘Infinity London’, the iconic swimming site is designed by Compass Pools and is perched on top of a 55-storey building. It features a 600,000-litre cast acrylic pond that transmits light at a similar wavelength to water — ensuring that the pool is completely clear. The one-of-its-kind pool further comes with a transparent bottom for uninterrupted views from below along with a special computer-controlled building management system that will regulate the pool temperatures. However, its most mind-boggling aspect is a spiral staircase that is launched into the pool like a submarine from down under.

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Commenting on the unique feature, Compass Pool’s technical director and pool designer Alex Kemsley said, “Normally a simple ladder would suffice, but we didn’t want stairs on the outside of the building or in the pool as it would spoil the view — and obviously you don’t want 600,000 litres of water draining through the building either” The result is a launch pad for a staircase that appears to be straight out of a sci-fi thriller. Construction of the ‘Infinity London’ will commence in 2020.

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