Ideal for the lone soul, this cabin is a sequestered glass-and-steel retreat with jaw-dropping views of the beauteous Finnish Lapland.

In Inari, Finland sits a pretty glass chamber (read: home) that single-handedly redefines the word- dreamhouse. Close to nature, secluded, open till the eyes can see, the Lucia Smart Cabin offers a spatial experience unlike any other. To me, it instantly looks like an avant-garde tree house made not out of trees but around them, providing the best of comfort, best of nature, and technology too. This 260-square-foot glass and steel space unit is designed for Finnish glass construction company Savon Lasituote Oy.

The cabin is a well-equipped accommodation away from the chaos of daily life or even a workspace with nothing coming between you, the surroundings, and the endless sky. The triangular shape of the steel structures is cleverly orientated to optimize the viewpoint inside the unit. The home is fitted with a comfortable king-size bed, an oversized couch, and an accompanying wooden table.

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Lauri Salo of Finnish firm Pirinen Salo Oy, one of the project’s lead architects, shares, “The main source of light is from outside. That might be sunshine, the night sky, or anything in between.” These modules can be delivered to a site ready to install and to maintain privacy, darkened or mirrored glass surfaces are available as an option. If the transparent walls of the cabin are a bit much, then curtains can be added too.

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Though admittedly, that will kill the idea of using a thin thermal glass that makes you feel like one with nature. Lucia Smart Cabin is the modern-age citadel of solitude where peace of mind and serene nature become your new best friends.

[Via: ArchDaily]

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