Claesson Koivisto Rune teams up with Richard Juhlin over a classic Champagne glass flute

Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune has teamed up with Champagne writer Richard Juhlin to create a classic glass flute, the Richard Juhlin Optimum, conceived for the perfect tasting of Champagne. Manufactured by the Italian glassware and tableware company, Italesse, the RJ Optimum glass combines functional details and minimal shapes that guide the aromas of the Champagne towards the nose with the right intensity, encourage bubbles and show the golden elixir at its most beautiful.

claesson-koivisto-rune-glass-4The evolution of Champagne’s drink ware- from the voluptuous coupe modeled on Kate Moss’s C-cups to The Richard Juhlin Optimum- says, not only about how the Champagne is changing, but how we, the drinkers, have changed. Bubbles are no longer just the pretty novelties dancing in your Champagne glass, in its glittering wake we are taking them more seriously than ever.

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claesson-koivisto-rune-glass-3When the champagne is poured into the RJ Optimum glass, it leads to a continuous stream of bubbles (known as perlage) due to the circular ring at the bottom with numerous small micro-etchings on the glass surface. The glass possesses a skillful balance of the height and width of the bowl. The rim is closed just enough to allow the champagne to direct the fragrances and aromas perfectly towards the taster’s nose. Maximum diameter of the bowl, the depth of the piqûre and of the perlage point, the sublime quality and lightness of the glass, further enhances the virtues of champagne.

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claesson-koivisto-rune-glass-2The Richard Juhlin Optimum glass will be available for purchase at Asplund Stockholm and Royal Design from the beginning of December 2014, with a suggested retail price per box of 6: RJ Optimum ‘no line’ (SEK 599/ $80), RJ Optimum ‘Juhlin line’ (SEK 659/ $89).

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