Lufthansa teams up with Porsche to offer exclusive first class driving experience in Munich

The waiting period at airports before the flight takes off is often boring and monotonous; however, if you are flying first class with Lufthansa, this interval between flights can be the best time you will while travelling. The German company has teamed up with Porsche to offer an exclusive Porsche experience to its first class passengers and Lufthansa Private Jet guests. The passengers can enliven the waiting time before their next take-off by taking a Porsche 911 or Panamera for a spin through Munich, the sub-Alpine landscape or Lower Bavaria. Now, how cool is that!

The Porsche First Class Excitement offer is available for all Lufthansa, SWISS or Austrian Airlines passengers, Lufthansa HON Circle members and Lufthansa Private Jet guests who hold a valid First Class boarding ticket for that day. “With Lufthansa First Class, we offer our customers the highest travel quality. This is suitably complemented by the exclusive offer from Porsche, which turns the waiting period before take-off into a memorable experience,” said Thomas Klühr, Lufthansa Passage Executive Board member for Finances & Munich Hub.

The Porsches are supplied through Lufthansa partner Avis at a special rate of €99 for three hours covering 150km and fuel, with each additional kilometer charged at €1. There is also the option for a full 24-hour rental starting from 200km at €304. The Lufthansa First Class Personal Assistant accepts reservations in the First Class Lounge and arranges the car rental. Passengers can book their sports car online before the flight, or make a spontaneous on-the-spot decision as long as the chosen offer is available.

[Via – Ausbt]

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