Created for the Middle Eastern royal families, this jaw-dropping Boeing 777X private jet concept is like a ‘megayacht for the skies’ – The bathrooms have massive massaging showers, the private suite has a king bed, there is a relaxation lounge, and business class seats for the staff.

Source - Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik, in partnership with Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), has finally revealed the full details of its latest VVIP cabin concept for the BBJ 777-9 aircraft called the CelestialSTAR. The design renderings of the ultra-luxurious cabin were unveiled right before the CelestialSTAR makes its debut at the Dubai Airshow that starts next week. Designed primarily for customers from royal families in the Middle East, the spacious interior covering more than 340 square meters in total has been tailored to the requirements of a new generation of VVIP and head-of-state aircraft. According to the German company, the cabin design combines traditional Middle Eastern influences with modern twists, emphasizing the vastness of the sky and the contemporary purity of design.

Source – Lufthansa Technik

The highlight of the CelestialSTAR concept is the stunning VVIP private suite which takes up the forward part of the design and includes a cocoon-like private bedroom, bathroom, and “work and balance” area. Lufthansa Technik says the “bathroom and sleeping quarters can merge into a self-contained retreat offering the greatest possible privacy if required.” It not only gets a king-size bed but also features the largest rain and massage shower ever designed for a private jet. Furthermore, the bedroom comes equipped with sophisticated projection technology adapted from the company’s Explorer concept which “transforms the enclosed cocoon into an almost immersive wellness and entertainment world.” It can display an extensive range of digital content, including functioning as a cinema screen to display 180° impressions of the next travel destination or virtual works of art.

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Source – Lufthansa Technik

Right next to the cocoon is the Work&Balance area that utilizes the full width of the cabin and its flexible design makes it multifunctional. The seats can not only rotate but also be moved around, transforming the layout of the cabin. Additionally, an integrated swivel mechanism also allows the surface area of the tables to be expanded as needed. Adjacent to the Private Suite is the Celestial Lounge, which is outfitted with an “elegantly integrated bar for refreshments and several stylish seating arrangements.” Lufthansa Technik claims the design “ensures the perfect first impression and provides the adequate setting for welcoming high-ranking guests on board or preparing them for meetings”.

Source – Lufthansa Technik

“The thoughtful design of the BBJ 777-9 interior created by Lufthansa Technik illustrates the key features of our newest, largest, and most capable BBJ on the market,” said Alexis Fecteau, Managing Director of Marketing at Boeing Business Jets. “The elegant interior elements maximize personal comfort for passengers onboard the BBJ 777-9, which is capable of flying over 22 hours and connecting any two cities in the world, non-stop.” Lufthansa Technik also says close co-operation with Boeing and its provision of up-to-date aircraft data has ensured “the technical feasibility of the design from the outset”.

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Source – Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik is vocal about the fact that the CelestialSTAR VVIP cabin concept has been created specifically keeping royal families in the Middle East “who usually fly around the world with large delegations.” This is why, the second half of the cabin offers generous accommodation for the advisory staff and other personnel. The German company says the “high-ranking ministers or state guests can be accommodated in the six Deluxe Suites, modern first-class compartments that have been specially adapted to this VVIP cabin design.” Other than that, there are 32 business-class seats in the Executive Area to accommodate additional passengers along with rear cabin-located premium economy seating. The CelestialSTAR concept will debut at the Dubai Airshow 2023 with a film and a virtual tour through the cabin at the event. The company also claimed that the first jet outfitted with the CelestialStar cabin could be delivered to a customer by 2026 or 2027 if Boeing is able to meet its current 2025 service-entry goal for the commercial 777-9.

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