Manhattan gets its own luxury movie theater and it also serves gourmet meals

Novelty movie theaters are taking over the world! From open air screenings in Ibiza, to colourful beanbags in Slovakia and from gourmet food in France and full sized beds in England, this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Jumping on the bandwagon is Manhattan with their first luxury iPic theater which offers a first class dining experience by pastry chef Sherry Yard and comfortable lounge style seats.

This New York leg of the Florida based chain of theaters boasts eight screens and feature a kind of VIP tier in the front called Premium Plus seating. This section features recliner “pods” which can each seat two (do NOT buy a premium plus seat alone unless you’re okay with being seated in very close quarters with a stranger). Premium Plus moviegoers get a few perks including unlimited popcorn, blankets, and even service from the wait staff.
Food operations are the job of pastry chef Sherry Yard who serves up cheese drop biscuits, lobster rolls, fried chicken, pizzas, apple pot pie, and truffle fries. For the finger food lovers, iPic serves up a charcuterie board while those with a sweet tooth will appreciate the chocolate s’mores cake. The theater also offers a drinks menu complete with beer, wine, and cocktails.
So far the verdict has not been great. Scott Lynch, a writer at Gothamist paid $32 for the premium seating found the food overpriced (to be expected) and the said the theater had a “clubstaurant” vibe. Perhaps most damning is that ordering food from the waiters verbally (as opposed to writing down your order) makes the whole experience distracting. Nonetheless if you’re intrigued by the iPic you can learn more here

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[ Via : Gothamist ]

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