Only in France! Petrossian Salmon, champagne, caviar and more are now on the menu at a movie theater outside Paris

There was a time when watching movies in a theatre was itself a massive luxury that most felt was too extravagant. These days however, the movie watching experience has been considerably elevated thanks to ingenious add-ons. From comfortable, cozy beds to hot tubs, movie lovers are taking their film obsessions to luxurious heights.

While the rest of the world may be taking strides in luxury movie watching, it is no doubt France that has stolen the spotlight thanks to EuropaCorp’s multiplex at Aéroville- a mall in Tremblay-en-France, outside Paris. The multiplex offers four different viewing experiences “Live”, “First Class”, the EuropaMax room, (an Imax-style 366-seat theater) and eight “classic” theatres. However it is the First Class that has caught our eye thanks to its 3D screen, private lounge, leather seats and catering from Petrossian. The Petrossian menu served in the lounge offers gourmet delights like smoked salmon, caviar and champagne. For dessert lovers there are also Pierre Hermé macarons on offer. And to think that we thought popcorn was good movie food!

Prices for First Class tickets will be around $33.80, we think it’s totally worth it! When will we get a luxury movie watching experience in the USA?

[Via – Trendhunter]

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