Has Heinz made the fanciest ketchup in the world? (Hint – Its Caviar)

If you’re in love and want to swoop your ketchup loving bae off their feet, Heinz has got you covered! And no we aren’t talking about green ketchup or those horrendous ketchup slices but are in fact referring to the marquee’s newest and probably fanciest product of all time – a unique, limited edition jar of ‘Ketchup Caviar’. Yup, that’s right!

As per reports, Heinz has unveiled its quirky new offering as part of the upcoming valentine’s festivities. Calling the promotion, “ValenHEINZ to remember”, the brand is all set to give away a limited batch (150 jars, to be exact) of the bright red delicacy to the few lucky users who manage to retweet the marquee’s promotional post with hashtags reading #HeinzKetchupCaviar and #sweeps. The contest runs from January 24 to 28 and requires participants to submit an additional creative statement to Heinz Ketchup for winning.

Each jar of the Heinz Ketchup Caviar weighs 1.8 ounces and surprisingly doesn’t contain even a trace of roe. The little red blobs are made from 100% pure Heinz Ketchup to resemble small, caviar-like balls that can be used for garnishing for pasta or other dishes of your choice. Commenting on the unusual product, the company in a press release stated, “For 150 years, HEINZ has believed in ‘doing the uncommon things uncommonly well’ and bringing extraordinary taste to Valentine’s Day is no exception.” If wooing your better half with fancy ketchup balls sounds like your kinda thing, this piece of information is all you need for today!

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