Admist all the talks of scaling back, Saudi crown prince MBS has announced a new development in Neom City. Jaumur a community for 6,000 ultra-rich residents, will offer a superyacht marina, luxury accommodations, a deep-sea research center and even a boarding school.

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The Gulf of Aqaba in Saudi Arabia is getting crowded over time as Crown Prince MBS’s $1.5 trillion Neom City has sprouted new developments on an almost monthly basis. The latest to join the likes of the discreet private members club, Xaynor, the wellness sanctuary Elanan, and a Blade Runner styled golf resort Gidori, is Jaumur, the largest cosmopolitan luxury community.

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By land or sea, it brings the best of both to the table with an exclusive residential community planned around a marina, housing more than 6,000 residents. It is the era of superyachts and the super rich which makes the ideal topography of the Gulf of Aqaba coast a suitable location.

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Jaumur will include 500 marina apartments, 700 luxury villas with waterfront access and private mooring. The project will also feature two luxurious hotels boasting 350 rooms and suites. This project makes it possible to live not only inside but also around your superyacht.

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The USP of Jaumur is undoubtedly the marina outfitted with a massive 1.5-kilometer aerofoil, which provides protection for yacht owners and serves as a haven for the marina’s residents and guests. In addition to becoming home to some of the world’s largest superyachts, the marina will be enlivened by various attractions, entertainment, and cultural experiences like arts events and performances, creating a vibrant atmosphere with world-class dining options.

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Jaumur will include a state-of-the-art deep-sea research center and a top-tier international boarding school where students will receive top-notch education by a diverse international faculty of experts and innovators.

The announcement of Jaumur comes as a surprise, especially when Neom is enveloped by news of scaling back. It seems this only applies to the OTT project, The Line, as it breaks the mold of typicality. In comparison, projects like Jaumur or the aforementioned seem like cakewalks.

Image – Neom
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