Saudi Arabia’s Neom City welcomes another luxurious haven, an exquisite and discreet private members club, Xaynor, at the picturesque Gulf of Aqaba.

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There is no rest for Neom! The $1 trillion giga project continues to hatch multi-million-dollar projects in its quest to become a leading tourist destination. We did a roundup of the 10 regions of Neom City, and before we could blink, there is a new one that we can now add to the list. Xaynor is here. Yes, we were expecting it, as Luxurylaunches learned that Neom has registered a series of trademarks, including Treyam, Aquellum, and Jaumur, and futuristic names like Gidori, Xaynor, and Siranna.

Xaynor is an ultra-exclusive, beachfront private members club that will join other developments on the pristine coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba. It is keeping the natural environment in mind and adding to it a luxurious playground for the elite. From secluded retreats to expansive communal areas, there is a balance in experiences. In addition, one will find boutique shopping, an array of bespoke leisure activities wrapped in the essence of coastal luxury.

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This beachside luxury resort will rope in internationally renowned brand partners in fashion, art, and lifestyle to offer an unmatched stay. The property will comprise private pools, beachside lounges, gourmet dining, a signature entertainment venue, and a world-class spa and wellness center, per the statement. DiscoverNeom shared a series of images that revealed an oasis of opulence dotted with the calmness of the sea and a lifestyle preferred and afforded by the affluent.

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Xaynor seamlessly combines the natural habitat of the Gulf of Aqaba with a man-made magnificence that is now becoming the way of Neom City. Xaynor will join recent announcements of Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, Norlana, Aquellum, and Zardun, which are part of NEOM’s sustainable tourism destinations in the flagship region.

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