Now Falcons can travel in Lufthansa planes

Lufthansa Technik’s VIP & Executive Jet Solutions Division has developed a design for safe resting and transport platform for falcons. The “Falcon Master” will allow falcon owners to transport their falcons in the main cabin of the aircraft, perched on a dedicated bird stand connected to standard seat tracks.

Falconry is an extremely popular sport in the Middle East, and with the view of wooing falcon owners to fly with them, Lufthansa has come up with this new design. Middle Eastern airlines like Etihad and Qatar Airlines allow falcons to travel in the main cabin and Lufthansa is now taking suit.

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Lufthansa-Falcon-master-2This kit is easy to install and can be fixed above the folded seats on standard tracks and is designed to occupy minimum space in the aircraft. The legs of the “Falcon Master” can be adjusted in height to fit the different aircrafts. The platform can be disassembled in three parts and stowed in light weight containers which can be transported like a trolley. The hygienic aspects are also well taken care off, with a steel surface that can be easily cleaned and a cage or transparent cover that can hold a bird feeder as well.

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