Parisian life gets a dazzling facelift as 17,000 LEDs light up an entire Champs Elysees building

After revolutionizing Parisian life in 1958 by becoming the first European drugstore on the ground floor, the Publicis Drugstore – a bar, restaurant, cinema, boutique, newsstand, tobacco shop and pharmacy open “all night” (until 2 A.M.), Publicis has done it yet again. And this time, it is the perfect tribute to the City of Lights.

Reconstructed in 1972 as a mirrored glass building that reflects the Arc de Triomphe, the Publicis headquarters and drugstore was again transformed in 2004, to boast 153 curved glass veils. And this year, 17,000 LED lights later, the mythical address has now also become the new nocturnal place-to-be on the world’s most beautiful avenue.

Thanks to Maurice Lévy and the technological and imaginative resources of ECA2, the Publicis Groupe agency also responsible for the 2004 makeover, the façade is now dressed in a remarkable blanket of lights. Given the already complex architectural nature of the 800m2 façade, this was no easy feat. It took 24 months and the expertise of 20 rope access technicians to install the 17,000 LED lights from the top of the building down.

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Today, the French are rejoicing. “What better gesture to restore the hopes and dreams of the entrepreneurial spirit in France by reminding everyone that Publicis is the world leader in digital its sector.” Hear hear! Not only has the glittering capital found a new glow, it has found one that is environmental. The installation consumes very little energy, each pixel only taking up 1 watt per hour, which at full capacity is 17 kilowatts for the entire building.

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I want to say move over Eiffel Tower but of course that isn’t happening. This is- lighting is activated each evening at sunset. And will be for an entire year! Still, we say you don’t wait too long; just find a spot with a great view and order that customized basket from Paris Picnic. The show will be renewed according to the events that make the news, and imagination of Julien Limousse (graphic designer) and ACE2 production team.

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