Pics – This dreamlike pastel colored park in China is one of the most creative spaces we’ve seen

Shanghai-based architectural design firm X+ Living have designed a pastel paradise in Hangzhou China. Called the Neobio Family Park, this space is sort of futuristic public space that has dedicated areas for dining and entertainment, rest and even learning.

The park is situated on the first floor and atrium of the Hangzhou Star Avenue Phase II Shopping Mall and incorporates 288 sweet pastel colors to create an almost candyland effect.

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The atrium area is separated by large parasols and a carousel which seem particularly designed to thrill and excite children. Though adults will also appreciate the “wonderland” aspect and the care and attention to details in every element of furniture and décor.

A different section of the park has a more space-agey feel with a night sky effect overhead.

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This area of the park is called Sims City.

Meanwhile in the “library” wavy rainbows forms shelves while the gradient blue walls seem to represent the sky.

There’s a water play area with circus inspired designs.

And even an amusement area complete with a structure that resembles a fort made of cardboard boxes.

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As far as amusement parks go, this may be one of the most creative spaces we’ve ever seen.