Not the UK or Dubai, but it is China where more women buy Ferraris than anywhere else in the world

How do you make a great-looking Ferrari look even better? You add a woman to it! With this idea in mind, it is safe to say that the Ferraris in China are looking increasingly nicer. Women with a penchant for fast cars in the Far East have changed the number game and become one-in-five of Italian sports car customers. China, in particular, has emerged as the biggest market in the world for the Italian sports car maker, owing to its popularity among the fairer sex.

Shindy Xin Di Meng, founder of a leading textile company with her Ferrari 458

In other parts of the globe, 95 percent of all Ferraris are bought by men, while in China, it drops to 80 percent. Speaking at the Beijing motor show, the boss of Ferrari, Amedeo Felisa, said, “The average age of Ferrari buyers in China is 10 years younger than the rest of Europe. And in China you have a lot of women who are running a business in a tough way. They have the money and they can afford to buy a Ferrari.” He added, “It was a welcome surprise for us, we weren’t expecting such a big success, but China is a new and growing market. When people do well, they want some reward. Clearly a lot of women want a Ferrari.”

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Image – Ferrari

Per Bloomberg, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan accounted for 12% of Ferrari’s sales last year, with almost 1,600 cars. Luxury shopping is a norm for the Chinese shopper, but the trend is no longer limited to handbags and shoes. Clearly, the billionairess has the money to strut around in style. Speaking of shopping, China is such a major draw for brands worldwide that even London’s iconic store Harrods is opening its first-ever private members’ club in Shanghai to cater to the crazy, rich Asians. Perhaps we will also hear about a new Ferrari flagship opening in Shanghai for the ladies.

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